Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Havok, the younger brother of Cyclops steps into the limelight in this intergalactic graphic novel.


The graphic novel is split into two parts. The first issue is an introduction to Havok as we witness him realising that he is a mutant and finding out that Cyclops is his sibling. Then we jump into the thick of things as Havok goes to war with The Emperor of the Shi’ar, his younger brother Gabriel Summers, also known as Vulcan.

The second arc, which is titled Vulcan, is actually where this graphic novel shines. This is a space opera story which deals with alien threats and unlikely alliances. The amount of characters really add to the story as they bring their own to each arc. Havok and his team, the Starjammers, plan on dethroning Vulcan, who is drunk with power and needs to be stopped. Lilandra believes that she is the rightful heir to the Shi’ar Empire and Havok intends to help her retain her leadership. Unknown to both the Starjammers and Vulcan; there is a third party preparing to destroy the Shi’ar once and for all. Unlikely alliances are made in an attempt to save the galaxy from this new threat known as the Scy’ar Tal.The Scy’ar Tal exist for one purpose and that is to eradicate the Shi’ar and any of their allies. And after their leader defeats Vulcan and Gladiator without much effort, the reader immediately knows that this threat means business.


The art is great and it really feels like a space adventure. The character designs and the colouring just do the story some great justice. Space looks far from empty, it is detailed with lovely stars and bright colouring. This is not a dark read so the character designs and costumes are not limited. The facial expressions are easy to follow and some of the powers on display just look amazing.

This is an enjoyable read, the strength lies in the second half of the graphic novel, the old school comic issue is great but it is the Vulcan arc that makes the graphic novel stand out as you get a wealth of characters on display.

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