Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

Daredevil was a hit on Netflix and this is the graphic novel you will want to read in order to find out more about this character and the complex workings of his mind.


Daredevil is not your typical hero; he has his flaws and is learning to embrace them as his flaws often end up being weapons in their own right. This graphic novel grasps the essence of this memorable character as the story of Daredevil is re-told by some of the greatest creatives in the comic industry.

The graphic novel opens with the very first issue of Daredevil and we get to see the origins of this hero as he dons his yellow costume in order to punish the criminals of Hell’s Kitchen. The art is colourful so it does not really grasp the nature of the modern Daredevil, but it still proves to be a good read that any Marvel fan should appreciate.


It is the next collection of issues that tell one heck of a great story. Unlike the other issues I have read in this collection, this one does not have cover pages between each issue. Instead, the entire story is told without any interruption. Frank Miller and Romita Jr. have given us one of Marvel’s greatest stories ever told. We get to see Matt Murdock as a troubled youth who only believes in one Matt’s father is his role model. He is a man down on his luck. However, he will do what has to be done in order to care for his son. After becoming an enforcer for a mob boss known as the fixer, Battling Jack Murdock decides to step in the ring but things do not go according to plan, resulting in the death of Jack Murdock. After years of hiding his talents, burying his anger and promising his father he would focus on his studies, Matt loses his cool and vengeance rules his mind. Matt makes the decision to protect those who cannot protect themselves and he become’s the Hell’s Kitchen Vigilante.

Years pass on and there is a new player in town; Wilson Fiske aka The Kingpin. Matt has grown up completed his studies and decided to move back to Hell’s Kitchen. The friendship that he and Foggy share is great. And his college years show a little more about Matt and his desire to protect the weak. Another very important character debuts into the life of Matt; he meets Elektra for the first time and she truly is a fatal attraction. Elektra was also chosen by those who trained Daredevil. However, she is borderline crazy. She is Matt’s guilty pleasure as she gives him a thrill unlike any other. The majority of the book deals with Matt’s college years as he becomes the hero known as Daredevil, as he dons his black, very homemade, costume for the first time.


The art is brilliant; its dark nature and colouring gives the reader a completely different feel to the character. You feel that he is troubled and lives a troubled life. The story of Daredevil is not a happy one. The violence and grit of the Max arc of Daredevil that is being told is simply astounding. You hardly see Daredevil in costume – however, this is not an issue. The amount of great action scenes and sequences make up for this as they truly show us who and what Daredevil is about whilst showcasing both his agility and ability.

This is a great issue that really grabs the gist of the character. If you are new to Daredevil this is definitely one book that you need. If you are not new to the character you should still grab this issue as the retelling of this tale is simply astounding and narrated perfectly. We are kept on the edge of your seat and wanting more. This issue has to be one of the top releases of this Marvel Mightiest Heroes collection!

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