Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #3 – Wolverine
ISBN: Dec132444

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Wolverine has always been a fascinating character. He comes packed with a backstory that, for years, Marvel has only ever teased at. He’s violent, tortured, and lost. He’s the perfect anti-hero, and in this volume we’re shown why.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Collection Wolverine

We’re introduced to Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk #181 of all places. The Canadian-born warrior is sent to fight both the Hulk and Wendigo for the government. Even from the first issue we’re shown his raw fighting style and a prototype of his signature yellow and blue costume. This is only a glimpse of the character we will come to know. He’s portrayed more as a hired gun than anything else, so don’t expect him to say, “Bub,” anywhere in this issue.

Wolverine’s first appearance issue is another cleaned-up re-printed, and I have no complaints about it. The issue was even a plot-point in the 2000 movie, Coyote Ugly.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Collection Wolverine

The included story-arc is an odd, but excellent choice. We could have been given Weapon X, Wolverine: Origin, or self-titled Wolverine, but instead we have Get Mystique. The stories’ aim is to show Wolverine’s evolution as a character over the years. It starts off in 1921, and flashes back and forth between the past and present. Wolverine is hunting down Mystique after she betrays the X-Men for the umpteenth time. We’re given a view of their relationship, and of Logan’s real reason behind tracking down the blue shape-shifter.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Collection Wolverine

Ron Garney’s artwork fits perfectly with Get Mystique. His use of shading and lighting fit perfectly with this harrowing tale of violence.

Wolverine is another excellent selection of stories, and a great jumping-off point for the Canadian hero.

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