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Pages: 31

Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Just when I thought I have read and seen it all Man vs Rock rocks up an falls into my path. This comic shows just what the Indie industry is about…originality and this title is about as original as they come.

Man vs Rock-01

So the things they we have literally stepped on since their existence has to have been rocks, yes like the type of rocks you learn about in Geography class, you know stalagmites and stalactites, yes those rocks. Well they have had enough of our mistreatment and are ready to fight back and Proffessor Buck Stone has the calculations to prove it. Professor Stone finds himself between a rock and a hard place as he only has a pair of students that might believe his studies, when everyone else seems to have deemed him to be a mad man.

Man vs Rock-02

The comic opens with Adam and Eve as we get a graphic glimpse of just how we have used rocks for our own selfish needs since the dawn of time. The comic continues to walk us through events that change human history and it shows us just how badly we have abused rocks. This book is a satirical read that works well, it shows the reader that there is a strong sense of independence in the Indie market; writers do not have to conform to the usual expectations. Man vs Rock shows you that a little crazy can do a lot of good. Readers will find themselves glued to this read as it has the ability to grab your attention and keep it.

The art in this comic is black and white, only the cover is in colour. The black and White art is highly detailed and rather explicit, so expect a little nudity across majority of its pages. The amount of swearing in this issue also backs up the fact that this is a mature title. So do not grab this for a young reader, unless you enjoy having to explain and excuse one.

Man vs Rock-03

This is a good read that caused a bit 0f a buzz on the Indie scene, it is unlike anything you have read and will ever read. Where does it go from here? That is also something only the creators will know as this is about as unpredictable as it comes.

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