Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The world as we know it has been destroyed by the suns radiation, forcing all the life that was once on the surface to live beneath the ocean. When a probe returns to Earth with some vital information, who will be brave enough to retrieve it from the surface?

Low comic book review

Low is a tale set in the distant future in a world where global warming is happening 24/7. This sci-fi action comic follows a few brave individuals as they make their way to the surface in order to retrieve information on an alternative planet for humanity to flourish on.

This issue introduces the characters of the story and the lives that they live, the shielded under water cities are filled with life as we are introduced to a family that seems important to the hopes of humanity. The family lineage is dedicated to the cause but the time has come for the children to take the reins. The issue plays out with Caine coming to the conclusion that his daughters need to take the helm and train to wear the one suit that may save humanity, although his wife disagrees believing that they are too young. She also believes that Della and Tajo are not destined to be hunters like their father. But when a routine trip turns sour, the family is torn apart and the only ones that may be able to save them are their very own children!

Low review

The art is perfect, it is highly detailed and makes use of some great penciling. The colouring really works well with the illustrations as it uses warm colours but in a way as to not make the comic come across as being bright and happy clappy. It is still a dark gritty read enhanced by warm colours that really play towards the plot of the story. These colours also let you feel the heat of battle and emerging threats whilst being pleasing to the eye.

This first issue is definitely an interesting read that gives a truly new concept. It is aimed at the mature reader as it has some graphic violence and some nudity for a vast array of pages. But this all contributes to the opening of a story that is filled with potential. One where kids may be the center of it all but it is definitely not one for kids to read. It will be interesting to see where this family goes to from here as they are so closely knit even in the face of adversity.

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