Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

We travel back to 1934 in this issue and follow New York City’s vigilante hero, Lobster Johnson. Crime must pay and justice must be served and The Lobster is not afraid to kill for the cause.

Just when everyone thought Professional Wrestling was fake, it gets real in the blink of an eye as a wrestling show goes off script in Manhattan, leaving a referee dead and two leotard wearing criminals loose on the streets of New York. I know what you are thinking, how can two scantily clad scoundrels pose a threat? It is not that simple and by the end of the issue their reign of terror is justified.

Bullets rattle and riddle through the cars and bodies of law enforcement officers, leaving only one man for the job, the vigilante known as Lobster Johnson. The Lobster is somewhat similar to another city saviour; he does not have any super powers only weaponry and the desire to solve crime through violence. Our hero is not one to shy away from killing for the greater good, but how will he kill that which seems immortal?

This issue features some great writing that will grab your attention from the start. The dialogue between characters is great and really fits the setting of the story. Although most frames feature dialogue, the story reads easily and at a faster pace as it leads up to some impressive and expressive action scenes.

The art is great in this issue and gives it a strong noir feel. The backgrounds tend to be dark with brighter and later shades of orange employed during fight scenes in order to capture the heat of battle in this issue. Character designs are impressive and Lobster Johnson comes across as a dark character and his uniform supports his image. He is a dark vigilante/ anti-hero that seems to be driven to serve justice no matter the methods required. Lots of dark shading is used in the character and background designs, supporting the classic noir feel that this issue gives off. Faces are drawn well and expressions are easily recognisable. The colouring is done perfectly and it helps add to the tone of this issue.

Emerging from the New York City sewers Lobster Johnson is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he dishes out justice. Justice holds no preference; it does not matter if you are a criminal, mafia goon or monster. Find yourself on the wrong side of the law and you will receive the claw!

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