Second Sight Studios Leave the Light

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

‘Leave on the Light’ is a horror comic which focuses on the brutal murder of a family in Bradford New York. Sure murder seems more like a crime genre thing, but the way in which this family is killed is not only gruesome, but it is also mysterious. Is the killer already dead… or is he still out there?

Second Sight Studios Leave the Light

We are introduced to Marshall, who ironically is a detective. He is the protagonist and the story is told through him. He recognises the method of brutal violence being used here; it fits the profile of a well-known killer. The only problem is that that criminal was executed eight months ago. Thomas “The Butcher” Lassey was thought to be a thing of the past. He was a criminal that paid for his sins with the death sentence, so how could he be on a killing spree again?

The entire issue is done in black and white digitally. You can see the smooth textures are rendered digitally and then you have nice scrapes and textures in the background. This gives the read that eerie horror feel which works well from page to page. The only problem is that the proportions of the characters do not remain consistent. In some frames their face shapes are different and then in others their heads look too big for their shoulders, giving characters a bobble head look. The amount of detail in each frame is great and, even though the comic is black and white only, the art has not taken shortcuts in order to fill out backgrounds.

This comic is a good read and is definitely filled with tense moments. Unfortunately, at this stage the intensity is not enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire issue. But when the story needs to be intense it gets straight to the point, usually making use of a little ultra-violence.

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