DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection – Last Son of Krypton
Pages: 192

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

In the third instalment of DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection, Superman’s given the starring role as the hardcover book collects Action Comics #844-846, 851, Action Comics Annual #11, Superman Annual #13 and the classic Superman #1. 1939’s Superman #1 aside, which is a nice reminder of how Ma and Pa Kent actually gave up little Clark to a foster home at first, the book’s main focus is the Last Son of Krypton story.


When Superman discovers a boy who crashed to Earth in a Kryptonian craft, he and Lois Lane decide to adopt the child, whom they name Chris Kent. However, General Zod and Lex Luthor have other plans for the boy. It isn’t hard to see the parallels between this story and the current Superman Rebirth title, as they both explore the idea of Clark learning to be a father to a superpowered child.

Illustrated by Adam Kubert and written by the brains behind the DCEU, Geoff Johns, and the man who brought Superman to the big screen, Richard Donner, Last Son of Krypton is what many comic book fans believe to be the last great Superman story. There’s no grimdark or Zack Snyderisms here as the tale promotes hope and heroism, demonstrating the positive effect Superman has on those around him. It’s proof that there’s a medium for a Superman story, without him having to be an all-good boy scout or a brooding curmudgeon.

DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection – Last Son of Krypton Review

On a negative note, the DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection is another reminder of why I’ll never subscribe to anything ever again. While the book was delivered to stores on time, I’ve had to wait nearly a month for my copy. As much as I’d like to blame the postal service for this mishap, Jacklin (the local management company for the collection) confirmed my copy was only sent out at the end of the last week, so why was there a delay? I don’t think companies, such as Jacklin, understand that subscribers are loyal supporters who should be rewarded with early or at least on-time access to the products, not the remainder of the stock discarded by CNA stores.

Regardless of the late delivery of the volume three, Last Son of Krypton is another successful addition to this collection. The editorial team should take a bow; they’ve chosen the stories well so far.

DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection – Last Son of Krypton Review

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