Kwezi #2 comic book

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Loyiso Mkize presents the follow up to an extremely successful debut. The first issue served its purpose well, it introduced a new character and put some of his powers on display. However, it did not tell the reader the origins of this young, trendy hero. But issue 2 is here and it serves its purpose well as we find out more about this Star.

kwezi comic book

From issue one it is clear to see that Kwezi is a rather arrogant hero, he is materialistic and helping others only to increase his fame. He has no idea how he was blessed with his super skillset, but he markets it well. This issue treats the reader to the origin of Kwezi’s powers, as he learns more about his cultural heritage and his ancestors. This issue lays the foundation for a personal quest that Kwezi must embark on, will he chose to listen to the supernatural leaders of his people? Will he accept responsibility or would he rather settle for reward? Kwezi is the coming of age story of a young hero as he embarks on a journey that will mould his character.

The art is great, the illustrations are clear and make use of great colours, the colours help set the tone of the comic. We can see that it is a youthful adventure that is not too serious when it comes to tone. Kwezi aims to entertain readers both young and old. So the art is not too gritty, nor is it too child friendly, doing a great job in complementing the dialogue. The illustrations are detailed when needed, but far from overbearing on the eyes. Facial expressions are easy to realise and there is never a moment that you interpret the emotions on display incorrectly.

Written in a South African vernacular, Kwezi is a great title that adds local flair to a fun story. Kwezi is a hero that we can all relate to. Like most of us, Kwezi has fell victim to materialism. But will his ancestors and the leaders of his people guide him towards a spiritual and cultural rejuvenation? Grab Issue Two and find out!

Kwezi #2 comic book South Africa

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