Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

After watching the disappointing Kick-Ass 2, you cannot help but appreciate the comics a little more. It still manages to offer the best of Kick-Ass, remaining true to the tone of the original story. Kick Ass 3 continues the story of the green masked hero and his “sidekick”, Hit Girl.

A few months have passed and Hit Girl is still in jail after Justice Forever failed to free her. As a result, Kick Ass 3 #2 features a lot more Kick-Ass and an absent Hit-Girl. Dave Lizewski is drawing inspiration from his role models and trying to get his superhero life on track. He wants to step up and attack the mob, but his plan is a copy of Batman Year One (he even boasts about it).

At the same time a new threat has reared its head in the form of Rocco Genovese, a violent family member of Chris (Red Mist). Rocco bursts into the lives of Angie and Chris with the promise that he will keep Chris safe and pin the charges against him on someone else. Chris knows that as soon as he leaves that hospital he is as good as dead, but he also knows that Rocco is one dodgy character. The main focus here is placed on Angie and Chris and their family problems.

The story manages to present a serious threat whilst remaining humorous throughout. The reader is offered a great issue that is done in a classic Kick-Ass style. You will miss Hit-Girl in this one but seeing how flawed Kick-Ass and Justice Forever are without her will only make you long for her return even more. Justice Forever offers some great humour. If only they could beat people down with stupidity then they would pose one helluva’ threat. But it is their good hearted nature and lack of common sense that makes Kick-Ass enjoyable – well that and the constant comic references.

The conclusion to the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s adventure is closing in. However, they manage to put the same effort into Kick-Ass on a constant basis. Kick Ass 2 offers some great twists and some twisted ideas. The danger is real and crime is still rife. Will Kick Ass manage to make a difference in the world or even his city? Somehow I do not see this trilogy being the end of the franchise.

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