Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Boasting an amazing 3D lenticular that just electrifies the cover, Justice League of America #7.4 is an amazing read that gives us a glimpse into all that is Black Adam. We are given the opportunity to see the motives of a man bound by morals, through the eyes of his followers. All this adds up to one enjoyable adventure!

Instead of regurgitating the origin shown earlier in the Justice League, Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates take us to Khandaq, as it is plagued by an old evil in a new form. The Sons of Adam and the citizens of Khandaq need their protector… they need Black Adam! The problem is that Shazam dusted Black Adam in the Trinity war.

Justice League of America #7.4 places a major focus on siblings Amon and Adrianna. Amon is determined to seek out their protector, showing his full faith in Black Adam, while Adrianna, the pacifist, believes that her actions will bring the tyranny in Khandaq to an end. But it is due to a situation beyond their control that the siblings ensure that Khandaq’s champion returns and Adrianna has a change of heart. It is really awesome to hear Amon chant to each Egyptian Deity as he goes on to spell the magic word “SHAZAM!” It gives readers new and old the opportunity to see who powers Black Adam and in what way. Amon did go on to become Osiris and Adrianna became Isis. Will we be seeing a return of Black Adam’s family in a Shazam ongoing title?

Black Adam is not afraid to show his power, but what this issue also shows the reader is that this villain is indeed an anti-hero. That he has motives behind his actions and that he cares about his people. Although the way he demonstrates his care for Khandaq is at the rather violent demise of those that dare oppose him or threaten his people. This is the more complex Black Adam the anti-hero that readers can relate to. As soon as he emerges you can feel the presence of a legend as he strikes terror into the hearts of merciless men. The difference between Black Adam and your regular villain is felt in this issue as he towers over all other opposition.

This overpowering feeling brought about by the presence of Black Adam is enhanced by some well-paced dialogue which builds up to the climax of the arrival of the anti-hero. Johns and Gates provide a perfectly written issue. Amon and Adrianna’s actions and dialogue feel realistic. It is almost as though they are dealing with the politics currently occurring in Egypt.
Salazar gives the reader some great artwork for most of the issue. Khandaq has been drawn well and it truly feels as though you are in a Middle-Eastern Country that is filled with history and Egyptian influence. Although some action scenes are dimmed down by some bad decisions on angles and character placement, majority of the penciling is fine. Once you see Black Adam on the page everything becomes stronger and you can feel his presence thanks to some great penciling and colouring. Everything takes a jolt in the right direction.

Justice League of America #7.4 is a great read that is definitely worth the purchase. It is definitely one of the stronger villain month reads and one that leaves you wondering what impact Black Adam will have on the events of Forever Evil. It is rumoured that he will join Lex Luthor’s Anti- Crime Syndicate, but you will have to follow the events of Forever Evil to find out for sure. One thing is certain and that is that Black Adam is an anti-hero that lives according to his morals and he is not afraid to become the villain in order to protect both his beliefs and the people of Khandaq. The Society might want to stay away from his home ground as it is there that Black Adam will have an advantage!

Thank You to Readers Den for making this review possible, without their assistance this issue would have never been possible to obtain as 3D issues are like gold! Especially when Readers Den is offering them at cover price! Get yours now!

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