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Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The minute you see the Justice League of America #7.1 Deadshot 3D lenticular cover you will immediately want to own it! It features a well layered image of Deadshot, with moving bullets firing from the barrel of his gun and across the page. All this awesomeness whilst the defeated Justice League of America lie in the background.


What makes this issue great is that the cover is backed up by an impressive origin story that sets up Deadshot as a lead for more Suicide Squad adventures. Matt Kindt gives us one of the better origins of the villain month. We get two stories happening simultaneously. As Deadshot is undergoing a current mission, he narrates the story of how he came to be and it is a good one! We get to see that Flloyd was from a far less priviledged home, money issues were always the chief problem in the family, leading his parents to often fight with one another. This caused young Flloyd to wish what it would have been like if they were rich. Flloyd takes the time out of his day by reading and imagining that he and his sister are superheroes. But all changes once his family become caught in the cross fire between junkies and a mobster’s goons. Flloyd is left alone and the only thing that can comfort him is a six shooter. He is left with survivor’s guilt and a lack of purpose. Soon he turns his artistic talent from art on paper to art through death, believing that no bullet should go to waste and that each one should have a purpose. A minor gripe here is that they could have spent a little more time showing us how he became an expert marksman and shifted his talents from one form to the other.

In the present we see just how Deadshot has evolved, how his principles have made him a formidable opponent. Deadshot finds himself in the same situation he does in his origin – a child witnessing the death of his loved ones. Only this time he is the one pulling the trigger. It is his actions that follow that show the reader that Deadshot is a man of principle. Even though he will do whatever must be done to make some cash, he will not let anyone or anything stop him from achieving his goals.


We have two different teams of artists at work on this one. The team of Carmen Carnero and Bit give us the art of a rather impressive flashback. The art used in the past is great, the dark colouring gives off the feel of a family living in dire conditions. The most amazing part is how the panel borders are used as walls between rooms and apartments. This is a clever choice that creates a flow within the action scene that leads to the demise of Deadshots’ family. Sami Basri and Keith Champagne provide the art for the present day sequences. The present day action sequence of Deadshot plummeting frim mid-air towards his target is well drawn. Basri’s smooth character lines really add to the speed lines creating the atmosphere for an impossible shot that only Deadshot can pull off. Basri draws in such a way that your eyes just flow from panel to panel, the art is smooth and character expressions feel authentic.

Kindt does a solid job on this issue and convincing the reader that Suicide Squad is in good hands with his take-over in October. Justice League of America #7.1 Deadshot provides the much needed link from the disbanded team to Suicide Squad #24, and the mission that follows looks pretty interesting to say the least. This is definitely one of the strongest Villain Month issues! This 3D issue is available from Readers Den at the low price of R47. An issue like this is one that will be flying of the shelves!

DC 3D Cover Deadshot

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