Pages: 36 pages

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

The Justice League is being set up and the man in the middle is their former admirer, David Graves. What are his motives and why does he want to infiltrate and destroy Earth’s mightiest heroes?

Justice League 9 comic book reviewed

Johns has been doing good work on the title but while the earlier issues had an overly basic and slow narrative arc, number nine begins to go more in-depth with the characters. We are treated to flashbacks of our heroes, which focus on critical personal struggles they have faced. Somehow Johns seems to link these moments to Graves and his nefarious agenda. There is some action via an explosion at Arkham. What Batman and Superman find there could be more than they bargained for, adding to the deepening mystery of Graves’ plans for the League. The two clowns of the group, Green Lantern and The Flash bring some humour via a clumsily performed good cop bad cop routine on Weapons Master.

Jim Lee returns after missing issues seven and eight and while there is no need to haul out the big guns Lee does a fine job of keeping the art intriguing. The interrogation panels featuring Colonel Trevor are great close up pieces, really bringing home the danger Trevor is in and the pain he is experiencing. Issue nine might still be available at your local CNA or order it online or check your local comic book shop. It is a great start to the new arc and one gets the sense it will be better than the first arc.

Justice League 9 comic book reviewed

justice league 9 comic book review

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