Storyline: B-

Artwork: B

After reading Justice League #23.2: Lobo, one question pops up and that is… “Why?”


Why you ask? Well, after all of the controversy behind the re-boot of Lobo. That the Lobo we know is an imposter and that this new Edward Cullen Abe Sapien Hybrid toy boy is in actual fact the real Lobo, you would expect a different character. Yes do not judge the book by the cover on this one, that is not the Lobo you will be receiving. He is there purely for 3D lenticular awesomeness but he does manage to sneak a cameo in.

For those readers thinking hey it is fine for New 52 to re-introduce Lobo as they did with other characters, this is not the first time he has touched the New 52 pages. Rob Liefeld managed to bastardise him and Slade Wilson in the pages of Deathstroke. Yes, the new Lobo looks completely different, but the one saving grace is that he is almost the same in character and mannerisms as the Lobo readers know. Basically, he is still a bastiche.

Marguerite Bennett gives us a decent origin story which serves its purpose of showing the type of character Lobo is. Although the origin story is different to the one told in Stormwatch #20, you still get to see who and what Lobo is about. The imposter really does a great job of mimicking his character, but this new Lobo should learn from his imposter and hit the weights. This new slender, dare I say sexier, version of Lobo makes him come across as being more sinister and not really “The Main Man” Bad Ass. What has also made him more sinister and calculated is his precise kills and his lack of humour. How can Lobo not be an over the top nut job? This is one of the traits that made him enjoyable! Hopefully this lack of humour is situational and being used to intrigue the reader.


Ben Oliver and Cliff Richards provide some great art in the issue. This really does feel like an alien sci-fi adventure. The art gives that intergalactic adventure feeing. Everything seems more hi-tech and slender, not even a single biker chain! The aliens are well presented and they have managed make slight improvements to the Lobo character design that was shared last month. They make great use of character panelling which draws away from Lobo’s smaller sculpt and give him more of a toned muscular look. A look that will undoubtedly be used to get more female readers, however the opening picture with Lobo and a Martini in hand is plain ridiculous! Nobody should sport an Elvis looking hairdo! And those blue streaks on his face will take some time to get used to.

After reading this issue the question, “Why?” is still left flying around. Was this character change/introduction necessary when the new Lobo is mostly akin to the impostor Lobo? In some close-up scenes they actually look alike! The only reason I can think of this change is that DC are hoping to reach a new market at the expense of the old, granted that some people do not actually enjoy Lobo. This origin story is passable and the art is good, but seeing as it is considered as being a Villain month one shot, this whole concept seems unnecessary. Let’s look forward to the two Lobos confronting each other and may the best bastiche win!

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