Pages: 35

Storyline: C+

Artwork: B

Ever wondered how the ruler of Apokolips came to be? Have you ever wondered if the New Gods where preceded by Old Gods? Allow Justice League #23.1 to give you the origins of one of the most powerful and evil villains of the DC universe.

This issue is narrated by Kaiyo, the teleporting trickster and herald to Darkseid, who debuted in the new Batman/Superman comic run. Kaiyo tells us the tale of a Mud Grubber that defied the Gods. The Gods were careless, giant, elemental beings that trampled on the people that praised them. So as you can see the origin of this villain is far different thus far. Uxas grew tired of these Gods who did not care for him. They would frolic freely at the expense of the Mud Grubbers, crushing them and all their creations. Uxas decided to take it open himself to become a God by killing the Gods of old. Avia, Uxas sister, continued to pray to the Gods. Much like Gods of Olympus in Wrath of the Titans, the elemental Gods needed prayers in order to fuel their power. So Uxas sort to destroy the Gods through his cunning and evil nature, turning them and their worshipers against each other. While his brother-in-law Izaya received power as a gift the Gods, Uxas took power from them… birthing the New Gods!

This issue is well written by Greg Pak. It is great to see the way in which a nobody, a nothing lowly Mud Grubber, builds himself up towards conquering Gods that could crush him in an instant. The only problem is that a story of such an epic nature is squashed into a single issue. This should have been a four issue origin. A story this big could have been so much better had it been given the opportunity to brew over a few extra pages. Instead, what you are left with is a fleeting story that re-tells the origin of one of DC’s chief villains in an instant. The only mercy here is that they explain the connection between Kaiyo and Darkseid’s appearance in the Batman/Superman line quite well, allowing the reader to see just how closely linked these villains are to each other. It also does a great job of linking Darkseid to Justice League and Earth 2, so you know what that means… cameos!


The art is great, Siqueira and Diaz do a great job of creating these giant Gods and they really give each elemental God a unique look and feel. The atmosphere of Apokolips is also well presented with great detail especially in the first half of this issue. The Hi-Fi work in this issue is great and the contrasting colours in the clashes are really enjoyable. You can feel the change in art midway through the issue. It is the latter half of the issue that kind of loses your attention to the art. The Hi-Fi work was so well done, whereas the second half seems to contain inconsistent images, varying the characters look from frame to frame.

This issue is a good read. It could have been great if it were not forced into being a one shot. You cannot help but like Darkseid, a man that made the Gods fear him. Accompanied by some great art, although fleeting, this story is definitely a worthwhile read and the origin may be new but it is still good enough to please any Darkseid fan. A big thank you to Readers Den for being so kind as to sponsor us with this issue! All Villain month 2D issues are available at Readers Den for the low price of R35 (3D issues R47)!

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