Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Imagine a town plagued by an intelligent oversized insect. It is up to a group of tweens to save the town they live in without exposing the bugging truth. Welcome to Juice Squeezers.

David Lapham presents us with this all new series that involves a group of school kids that protect the town at night without the citizens even knowing it. Why school kids you ask? Well, they are the only ones that can fit into the tunnels that are being burrowed by the bugs. For once scrawny small teenagers can step up and be the heroes!

New to the town of Weeville is Billy Farnsburger and his dad. Billy is somewhat of an engineering child genius who has been inspired to pursue his dreams ever since he lost his mother. His level of intellect is beyond his years, so it does not take long for him to realise that these dog–sized bugs are not figments of his imagination and that something is not right in the town of Weeville. The Squeezers soon realise that Billy is a threat that has the potential to expose their secret society. So when it comes to school they make sure that Billy remains the outcast. But Billy is far from discouraged and it is only a matter of time before he makes a plan to catch a bug of his own!

The fact that Lapham is both writing and illustrating this short series is great. The writing and imagery complement each other so well and set the tone perfectly. The drawings are appealing and allude to the teenage aspect of the story. The large panels prevent the dialogue from cramping up the imagery, creating a perfect balance and an easy read. The penciling and colouring is kept simple and neat. Lapham avoids using too much pencil shades and lines of detail making sure the reader absorbs the story by limiting any distractions. Lee Loughridge’s colours support this feel, as they too are limited in order to prevent any visual distractions. There is a vast amount of lighter colours on display in this comic, letting the reader know that this series has no intention of being an emotional ride. Instead, it is offering us some light hearted bug smashing fun that deals with issues that any youth will encounter in his or her life.

At the end of the day Juice Squeezers #2 is a good read, but to get to know the characters better I suggest that the first issue also be read. Juice Squeezers sports a large cast of teens in what seems to be a sort of “Coming of Age” comic that involves insects, hidden truths and a spark of romance. It is definitely a read that can be enjoyed by all.

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