Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Judge Dredd finds himself in the lawless city of Mega-City Zero. Will Dredd be able to live in a lawless city and let crime pass by? We all know the answer to that question.


Dredd finds himself in an alien city following a little bit of time travel. The world he has travelled to is alien mostly because of the citizens and the lives they lead. He is in a world where “law” is not a concept, “law” is not present to set guidelines for individuals, and this angers Dredd to know end. It is only a matter of time before Dredd faces off against the people of Mega-City Zero, people without out conscience and actual names (they all make use of usernames?).

This issue has more of a story to tell. There are action sequences but the narrative is definitely the strength in this one. We get to see the beliefs of Mega-City Zero’s citizens through some great interaction. While most shun his ideas, there are those that understand the law. With the introduction of Trog and a few other characters, this read is made entertaining and offers the reader a comic with a twist.

The art is much like the Mega-Cities of the Dredd universe: Dark, gritty and rough. The art is not supposed to be polished and this helps to set the tone of the comic. The art and the writing work rather well together. Accompanied by some great facial expressions, we are able to follow this read with ease whilst enjoying the pencilling and colouring on display.

This is a good read that is not necessarily as dark as the Dredd that we know from the 2000AD run, but this comic exemplifies what Dredd stands for universally and that is LAW. Witness Dredd as he attempts to knock some sense into the rather selfish and carefree people of Mega-City Zero.


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