Storyline: D

Artwork: C

What happens when Dredd and a precog named Dann come into combat will mutants that look like they walked straight off the set of The Hills Have Eyes? Judge Dredd #10 forms part of the “Into the cursed” arc.

Judge Dredd #10 review

Dredd is assisted by a pre-cog mutie named Dann, who has nine eyes that can see possible futures. He sees Dredd dying in 8 of the possible futures. Subsequently, one of the perpetrators in this story took out his ninth eye, which he describes as being his good eye. This sounds rather promising as if it were setting up for a series of alternate reality issues. Do not get your hopes up. All the adventure is limited to this single issue, which ends up being a rather lacklustre one.

Dann’s mutant ability is rushed and underutilised in this comic. Had his powers been used properly it could have made for a rather entertaining read. Instead, Dann is left providing the comic relief in this tale. The inbred group of villains are also rather disappointing. They also seem like a joke and do not pose any real threat to Dredd. The villains all seem to have birth defects that lead to the issue feeling as though it were made for “LOLS”. Dredd does not LOL. In fact, he would write that up as being an offence! Everything feels far too cartoony and does not do the character any justice. He is the ultimate figurehead of justice in Mega-City One, but here we do not see the big, tough and buff comic book hero. We see a judge dealing with clowns for enemies and solving problems without having to give it a thought.

Judge Dredd #10 comic book review

Everything is rushed. The escape from the hall of mirrors is rushed. Even the conclusion is rushed. Leaving the entire issue feeling as though it were put together during a lunch break. The staff must have been starving during this particular lunch break, as there is no creativity in Judge Dredd #10.

A concept with so much potential is really wasted here. It leaves you wishing that Dann had ten eyes so he could see a tenth future, a more entertaining one. This issue seems as though it were a “filler” used to buy time for the adventure that lies ahead. Had a little more tact been used in order to show Dredd’s problem solving skills, this issue could have been a better read. What we end up with instead is a rather average read.

Judge Dredd #10 review

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