Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Whenever someone even thinks of a Frankenstein reinvention, Mary Shelley shoots up from her grave in a cold sweat and remembers Aaron Eckhart as Adam Frankenstein.


That being said, it’s only right to give credit where it’s due and congratulate Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan on what we’ve read of Joe Frankenstein so far. It’s an original, modern take on a classic character, but with a healthy pinch of the early 90s comic book magic.

The penultimate issue of Joe Frankenstein packs a monstrous punch, proving to be the strongest entry of the series to date. The use of the sharp dialogue and rollercoaster layouts ensures that the action is kept fast-paced and on edge, something that fans of Dixon and Nolan will be all too familiar with. Without revealing too much, there’s a particular Tolkien-inspired scene where the heroes are holed up in a windmill and become surrounded, and…well, you’ll just have to read it to find out what happens. It’s one of the best action scenes that I’ve seen in quite a while.
As with the previous issues, Joe Frankenstein #3 channels the good-natured spirit of horror comedies, such as Idle Hands and The Monster Squad. The story does lean a little bit more towards the horror side of the genre than something like The Addams Family, which is more of a “comedy horror” if you get what I’m saying. However, it possesses healthy injections of action and adventure to keep it from becoming a typical monster story.

So, be prepared to chew your nails and flick through the pages as quick as humanly possible to find out if the Monster was able to protect Joe from the Bride and her dastardly minions. Here’s a big spoiler, though: you’ll still have to wait until #4 to truly find out. Oh come on! You can’t be too surprised by that.


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