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Since Jessica Jones got out of the prison known as The Raft, things have been getting worse for her. We review Jessica Jones #4.

Jessica Jones #4 Comic Book Review

Her husband, Luke Cage, is obsessively stalking her in a bid to see their daughter again; her friendship – strained as it was – with Avengers like Ms. Marvel is over; her business has suffered even further, with her last client being murdered; and now she’s been offered a chance to help eliminate the entire superhuman community by a zealot who was persecuted during the second Civil War.

But then, that’s about how Jessica’s luck usually goes.

Yet a secret meeting and a visit to the police station are about to turn things upside-down, and if you think you know what’s coming next then you’re wrong…

After the plot-building, slow burn writing of the previous issue, the revelations here are a great payoff. It’s impossible to say much more without ruining the impact of it. However, let’s just say that the writing is top-notch, and should answer some of the burning questions fans have had since this series started. It’s a fantastic piece of work, and anyone who thought Brian Michael Bendis was running out of steam should hang their heads in shame at this master-stroke.

Jessica Jones #4 Review

Jessica Jones, as with Alias and The Pulse, is an acquired taste and there are plenty out there who may not like the style of this series. It defies many of the conventions of mainstream comic books, being simultaneously sly and sleek yet with an obvious sense of irony and unafraid to show the ugly side of the MU. Likewise, Jessica herself is as far from a perfect hero as you could get, but strangely that makes her a logical extension of the Marvel Universe by being a flawed character.

Still, for those who are willing to set aside their preconceived notions as to what a Marvel comic book should be, Jessica Jones #4 delivers the goods. It may not be pretty and it may not be what you want, but it’s absolutely what’s needed.

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