Jessica Jones #3 - Comic Book
Pages: 32

Storyline: A-

Artwork: A

Jessica Jones has been taken prisoner by the mysterious villain Spot, who has the ability to create black spots in thin air through which he can teleport any part of himself. Meanwhile, Luke Cage tries tracking her down so that he can locate their child and learns of her being kidnapped. Jessica, struggling to escape, learns that Spot isn’t the one responsible for her capture and that there’s more going on than meets the eye. We review Jessica Jones #3.

Jessica Jones #3 - Comic Book

The woman behind her imprisonment isn’t working for Hydra. Or the Kingpin. Or AIM. Or, in fact, anybody else you may have heard of. But if you happened to be paying attention to all of Captain Marvel’s arrests during the second Civil War then she may just be familiar to you, and the proposal she has for Jessica is a doozy…

This is one of those slow-burn issues where long-term plotting is in play instead of the immediate rewards, so some patience is required from the readers. It’s also an issue where the best way to enjoy it is if you happened to pay attention to another comic book a few months back, and don’t expect too much to occur. Which may sound a bit lousy, and on the surface of it that seems true enough. After all, who wants to read an issue where the main character spends all of her time tied to a chair and trading in light banter and information gathering?

However, if you like your detective tales hard-boiled and your crime thrillers to have more intrigue than a girl playing with fire while kicking a hornet’s nest, then Jessica Jones #3 is the one for you.

Jessica Jones #3 - Comic Book Review

The art is typically measured as any regular readers will know, while the writing does the job of setting up a major storyline smoothly. Yet it’s the payoff of a seemingly minor (and somewhat forgotten) moment in Civil War II which is the best part of this issue, as is the reveal of exactly where Jessica is being imprisoned.

While this won’t be for everyone (much like every Jessica Jones series, in fact), it should satisfy just about every fan of the character. Plus she drops some trademark insults, so remember that this is for mature readers only…

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