James Bond #8: Eidolon Part 2 - Comic Book Review
Pages: 32

Storyline: A-

Artwork: A-

The second issue of the Eidolon storyline kicks things into a higher gear for everyone’s favourite misogynistic British secret agent. Yes, the world may be changing all the time, but James Bond 007 is the same as he’s always been… and that’s a very good thing.

James Bond #8: Eidolon Part 2 - Comic Book Review

The story so far had Bond travelling to the USA to retrieve forensic accountant Cadence Birdwhistle. She’s uncovered evidence of money being funneled by a mysterious series of shell companies called Eidolon into Britain. She’s been targeted for assassination, but by whom? The hitmen sent to kill her may have been CIA operatives posing as Turkish agents, and the mystery continues to build. Now, Bond attempts to protect her at a safehouse before returning to Britain.

When they’re attacked at the airport the following day – seemingly by more CIA operatives – Bond communicates with his old friend Felix Leiter to find out what’s happening. Another attack upon them at Heathrow now points to a rogue group of former SAS or SBS operatives being involved too. However, the truth as to who’s behind everything is far more shocking. With Bond and MI6’s secret service having their hands tied by MI5 red tape whilst on British soil, this could be Bond’s toughest assignment yet…

Fans of James Bond (and it’s possible there are a few out there) can’t help but be impressed with the way this storyline is going. From the political intrigue of rogue agents from various countries being part of an international conspiracy, to the adrenaline-fueled fight scenes and driving sequences, this offers everything a classic James Bond story should. There’s mystery, glamour, action… and plenty of great references. A great example in the last issue was Felix Leiter missing an arm and a leg, stemming from the classic “He disagreed with something that ate him” moment in the original stories.

James Bond #8: Eidolon Part 2 - Comic Book Review

Bond’s dialogue is typically smarmy and his wit is as blunt as a sledgehammer, but that’s Bond and it’s what makes him work. Cadence is proving to be the stereotypical Bond girl with a twist as she resists his so-called charm admirably. In recent years, the character of James Bond has come in for flak from critics and has been challenged as the world’s best secret agent from the likes of Jason Bourne. Yet here, he’s Her Majesty’s blunt instrument in top form and beyond reproach.

Artist Jason Masters continues on this series and hopefully will for a long time. With a solid grasp of the characters and settings, the story moves smoothly from panel to panel. However, when the action starts, that’s when his artwork truly excels. Every punch and kick seems to land with true force, and every motion links together to create fight scenes which flow seamlessly.

The James Bond formula has worked for over fifty years and here that tradition continues. James Bond proves that, when it comes to the spy game, nobody does it better.

James Bond #8: Eidolon Part 2 - Comic Book Review

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