Storyline: B

Artwork: C

Jack had been hired by Techno Trendcorp to find Eddie Newman, an executive of Techno Trendcorp. He is later found dead in a dark alley with a huge hole through his body.

Eddie’s death is not ideal for our protagonist, but what it has done is made his case a little more interesting. A straight forward job just got complicated. Especially since Techno Trendcorp no longer seems to worry about Eddie after the bad news. The murder is somewhat strange and the once prominent executive is found looking and living like a hobo. This forces Jack McGriskin to work together with the one man he despises the most, Detective Charlie Martin. They both realise that they may need to cast their differences aside in order to solve this one. I am sure future issues will let us in on their colourful history.

Jack is obsessed with the truth. He finds the events surrounding Eddie’s demise a bit uneasy on his conscience. It seems as though he is the type of man that will not leave a stone unturned until the case is solved.

Issue #1 is all about character building. There is only one very brief action scene. Brandon Barrows is met with the task of trying to build quite a few characters within the confines of 24 pages. Clearly this story involves super powers and, by the looks of things, Jack is not called “Hammer” for nothing. So even a brief action scene involving metahuman on metahuman violence could have been interesting.

Iconic handles the art in this issue. It is done in a very sketchy style with very lush and vivid colouring. But as the pages progress the art seems to become even more sketch like and attention to detail (especially background detail) feels a bit lost. There are even scenes where the people in the background do not have faces! Sure, this is a type of drawing style but sometimes a little more detail could add a lot to a story, especially to one that is spending majority of its time on characters. The colouring as mentioned earlier is truly impressive. It is really appealing to the eye and redeems the penciling at times. While the layout of the comic works well, you end up getting the feeling that this art is too cartoony, especially for the subject matter.

Jack Hammer is a good story with an interesting plot. It will be interesting to see some more of the super powers at play and just what makes our protagonist special. You cannot deny the feeling that had the art been a little less sketchy it would become a more appealing read and the colours would most likely work better that way as well.

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