Pages: 32

Storyline: B+

Artwork: C

Another successful franchise gets some Baltazar and Franco treatment. Much like Itty Bitty Hellboy, this version of the Mask gives us a random short story featuring the physical Mask and the chaos it causes to and by those who wear it.

This issue is set in a Zoo where the main character somehow manages to have this mask on his dining table. Herman is a zookeeper, he decides to take the mask with him to work in order to prevent any mishaps whilst he is not at home, but one lapse in concentration leads to a lion wearing a mask and this can only mean one thing…trouble.

Itty Bitty Mask #2-01

One would expect the lion to be a meat craving madman behind the mask, however he turns out to be the life of the party, going as far as to make copies of the magic mask so that the other zoo animals can join in with the celebrations, building up to an event that you would not see coming.

This issue is for the kids, so it features loads of bright colours, round friendly shapes and exaggerated facial expressions, yes this is meant to feel like a cartoon with only one goal…to entertain the younger readers. Most of the backgrounds are done in an open spacious light blue to create the feeling of happiness and the backgrounds even changed to crayon in some instances, so this is meant to have that childhood appeal feel.

Itty Bitty Mask #2-02

Although not as good as Itty Bitty Hellboy (Who had a few stories per issue) this is a great story for younger readers. The jokes do not have a punchlines as its predecessor did but it will entertain youthful minds. The colours alone will get the job done even though the story is rather lacking.

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