Storyline: A

Artwork: A

With a title like “The Living Weapon”, one can only expect to hear of a different type of Danny Rand and this is exactly what Marvel gives us as they retell the story showing our protagonist in a newer, harsher light.

We delve into the mind of a hero troubled by his past and find Danny Rand, a broken man that seems to find tranquility in violence. Kaare Andrews takes this popular hero for hire and amplifies all that is Iron Fist. From the cover art alone the reader can see that this Marvel Now story is going to be an intense one. Thanks to the writer and artist being the same person, this issue works perfectly as images just enhance the script and translate just as well. Readers are given the opportunity to see just what a hero can do when he is not limited by good deeds. Iron Fist’s sheer power shows us just what darkness can do to a character that is known for his virtue. Whilst Danny is plagued by his troubled past, we are treated to an action packed issue that has exceptional penciling to back it up.

Every page has a hazy look to it, giving it a sort of pulp feel. The panels and layout just amp up the energy from frame to frame making Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 feel as though the motions are natural as the reader glances through each frame on the page. This is not Danny Rand from The Ultimate Spiderman. Instead, as the colouring suggests, this is not a happy go lucky title. A large amount of dark colours are used to make sure the tone is set within this issue. Action scenes are not scarce either, they are gritty, real and filled with energy. Kaare Andrews knows just how to make his illustrations merge beautifully with his existing script.

This debut issue of a new Iron Fist is one of the greatest titles available through Marvel Now. It is a must read, especially with the Heroes for Hire cast making their debut on Netflix in the not so distant future. Do yourself a favour and grab this comic, you will be surprised to see just how successful a re-telling of an old story can be. Kaare Andrews has pulled off one heck of a job, one that will create a strong following for this all new comic series.

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