Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Donny Cates (creator of Buzzkill, the comic about the superhero that has to be under the influence in order to become super) brings all kinds of originality to the comic scene and Interceptor is just that – original.


Interceptor is a dark, gritty tale made for mature readers. Just look at the opening pages of this second issue. When is the last time you saw genitals on an opening page? Yes, it is that hardcore. After all, this is a Heavy Metal title.

Interceptor is a sci-fi tale that follows two freedom fighters named Poli and Weep who are fighting against the vampires that run this new Earth. This issue finds our protagonists fighting for their lives as they battle against the vampire queen and her loyal followers. Since the debut issue, Poli and Weep have managed to get themselves captured and jailed by Matilda the Baroness of the North. Our heroes have to find a way to free themselves and this leads to the development of new alliances.

The dialogue between the character is great. The story is well-written and the storytelling is perfectly timed and well thought out. The story is dealing with a vast, original topic, but Cates seems to keep everything in balance, making for an easy and entertaining read.

The art is spectacular. The colouring really lends to the tone of the book. It may be light-hearted at times but it is a sci-fi noir type story at the end of the day and the art in this issue makes it feel that way. Everything is dark, detailed and highly stylized, suiting the story perfectly. The action scenes are drawn with great detail and add some great ace to the pages. This is art at its finest!

Interceptor #2 is a great follow-up to the debut issue that left many impressed. The second issue certainly keeps up the tradition as it is truly impressive and does a great job of building the current characters while introducing new characters in the mix. Be sure to follow this Heavy Metal title. It is going to be a major success!


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