Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

City Fall has ended and this issue picks up straight after the events that changed the lives of the turtles forever. Prepare to deal with the emotional aftermath of the City Fall arc.

The Turtles take a break from the big city life as April invites them to stay in the countryside in Northampton. Emotions are high as they turtles are worn out from their most challenging battle yet. Thanks to Shredder, Master Splinter is left injured physically whilst Leonardo has been injured mentally. Even now, even though he has returned to his brothers, Dark Leonardo continues to be just that; Dark, as he battles his own ghost in order to find understanding. Whilst Casey and April deal with challenges of a different sort, it is time for Casey to man up without the mask and meet the parents. Yes, he and April are officially a couple and the Northampton farm belongs to April’s mother and father.

Just as everything feels calm, the recovery is cut short and the tensions are high as the Turtles discover a stowaway among them. Alopex has followed them to Northampton, claiming to be free of Shredder’s command as he killed her family. The Turtles are unaware as to the fact that Alopex saved Splinter during his clash with the Shredder. Raphael is having none of it and he prepares to dispose of Alopex once and for all. This leads to a clash between brothers once again as Leo intervenes in order to save his comrade Alopex’s life. All is not as it seems at Northampton. Is Leo on his brother’s side? Is Alopex telling the truth? And April’s parents reveal a big truth to her about who they really are.

The art in this issue is different and refreshing to what you have become used to when reading these issues. The characters all look different and more rounded. This really lends to making the turtles look like the youths they are. Their rounded features make them look more child-like and friendly, lending to the idea that this issue is supposed to be about relaxation and restoring family bonds. Brighter colours have also been used in panels with the incorporation of shades of blue to calm the scenes and this makes the tension of the fighting scenes in this issue very impactful. This art is reminiscent of that X-Babies feel, making it thoroughly enjoyable.

This retreat looks as though it could make or break the Turtle reunion. Whilst everyone is trying to get some much needed rest, others are being haunted by memories and some seem to be laying in wake during the night waiting for an opportunity to strike.

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