Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Bebop and Rocksteady, brother vs. brother, father vs. son, Saki vs Yoshi; it is an all-out battle in an event that concludes the City Fall arc.

From the opening pages TMNT #28 is all out action. Yet, it manages to incorporate internal battles and family struggles. Where we last left off, Shredder was about to make the whole criminal underworld work for him or face impending doom. The turtles had another plan; they decided to ambush this meeting in the hopes that Leonardo would be there and they could free him from the Foot Clan. However, to their surprise, Leonardo has become a leader amongst the Foot Clan.

Our group of allies meet Bebop and Rocksteady for the first time, although Raphael encountered them back when they were human. This destructive duo prove to be a major challenge for our heroes. Casey Jones is facing challenges of his own as he goes toe-to-toe with the leader of the Purple Dragons, aka his father. And boy does his dad have a warped understanding of family responsibilities. Raphael has to deal with a brainwashed Leonardo. Shredder has come to appreciate Karai more whilst being awoken to the sins of his the past. So the notion of family is definitely a central theme within this action packed issue.

This entire issue is like one extended action scene, it is filled with stunning sequences but, thanks to the introduction of Bebop and Rocksteady, the level of destruction has escalated dramatically as The Turtles are put to the test against this invulnerable duo. With the brawn of Slash and Hobs using his military grade weaponry, #28 has action of all types and for all types.

This finale provides us with solid art yet again. The speed of the close combat action scenes are pencilled perfectly. The most crucial moments in the fight scenes get a little more heated by the introduction of warmer colours to the backgrounds, while majority of the book makes use of darker backgrounds to emphasise that this is a darker journey for The Turtles. The City Fall arc has no time for pizza and one liner jokes.

This issue presents the reader with a well thought out conclusion. It has a very important central theme and hints at some new developments in the futures of both the Ninja Turtles and the Foot Clan. #28 is definitely one that will make changes to the rest of this on-going series!

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