Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781770225107

Storyline: A-

Artwork: A-

Kobus Galloway, owner of Komedie Media CC, has created quite a stir with his Idees Vol Vrees comics. His first volume was a huge hit, especially with the Afrikaans market, and his Facebook page has more than 60,000 followers. Fans of Kobus Galloway and his Idees Vol Vrees comics won’t be disappointed with this new edition, Volume 2, which comprises of more than a hundred and fifty new cartoons. These include the most popular Facebook hits, as well as 100 brand new never before seen gems. In addition to that, Kobus finishes the book off with 50 of his best one-liners. In case you were wondering, Kobus Galloway does his own illustrations and, when he isn’t working on his next comic, he is working as an illustrator and infographic designer for Media 24.

Idees Vol Vrees Volume 2 book review

If you are easily amused and like a combination of wordplay and illustration then you will find this volume highly entertaining. Ideas Vol Vrees Volume 2 basically takes a whole lot of random Afrikaans words (especially combination words) and plays with their ambiguous nature, making little comics of said words by illustrating them in the most literal sense, rather than according to their actual meaning.

Idees Vol Vrees Vol 2

With Idees Vol Vrees I almost feel like a highly artistic 10 year old could have done the same by combining an Afrikaans Dictionary with a game of darts. That said, the volume is very cute, the illustrations are simple but original and his sense of humour will appeal to people young and old. As for his one-liners … some of them were hilarious but most could really have been left out of the book. It inspires a bit of a ‘don’t give up your day job’ sentiment.

Even though it is a little bit silly, at least it doesn’t depend on vulgar humour to carry it through. This is the kind of family friendly comic (unlike Bittercomix) that you can leave on your coffee table (or in your bathroom), without worrying about causing long term damage to your kids.

idees vol vrees komedie

The primary target market for this book is most definitely Afrikaans, as the humour will be lost on people not familiar with the words that he is playing with. The illustrations would be random and meaningless without them. Some (if only a few) could be translated to English with more or less the same effect but most depend on the particularly idiosyncratic word combinations of the Afrikaans language. Despite that I imagine this book could be used as an effective, fun and playful tool to teach some Afrikaans words to people trying to learn the language.

idees vol vrees custard

On the whole the book is fun and light. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it is always nice to see some fresh original Afrikaans comedy. And if you are someone who doesn’t take life too seriously then it’s worth giving it a look-see at or the Facebook page.

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    • Hi Kobus,

      Trust you are well. Having read through the book myself, I must admit thinking that parts of the article were rather harsh too. I personally believe you are remarkably talented and that your Idees Vol Vrees collection has always been great. However, humour is always subjective – like art. What one person finds funny is completely silly to the next. Elisma, who is Afrikaans by the way, does well to point out some of the things she felt might not appeal to everyone. Elisma actually did enjoy reading the book and rated it 4 out of 5 stars, a pretty good rating. Fortress of Solitude is a big supporter of your works. South African humour is part of what makes this country great, and I personally believe that your work is contributing in a big way.

  1. Elisma

    Hi Kobus, I can be brutal about the things that I don’t like, don’t just focus on the criticism though, I gave you a very high rating and some well deserved praise, which is not something I give lightly, my giving a 4 is like Hollywood giving an Oscar nomination. As for my not liking all the one-liners – don’t let it get you down, there were some real gems that had me giggling out loud, it’s just that on the whole I would have dropped a lot of them and because of that it reflected badly on the collection. Sorry, I just say it like I see it. I’m sure many people will find them hilariously funny,my standards in that regard is just extremely high as I’ve spent time with some of the best comedians in the country.

    Ek is seker jy weet jou talent is puik (mens werf nie soveel navolgers vir niks nie) en ek is seker jy gaan net nog beter raak in toekoms, as jy iets hieruit ter harte gaan neem stap eerder uit met ‘fans won’t be dissappointed’ en ‘it’s always nice to see some fresh original Afrikaans comedy’ of ‘on the whole the book is fun and light’ of ‘the volume is very cute, the illustrations are simple but original and his sense of humour will appeal to people young and old’. As mense reviews oor hulle eie werk lees is hulle te geneig om net teen die kritiek vas te staar en die positiewe oor te sien.

    Anyway, don’t let it get you down, even if I was brutal you have gained a new fan. Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Hey guys. Made the second book with a bigger diversity, rather than making one person happy with 100% of the content, I tried to give a little variety to cater for all “senses of humor” (I don’t think that’s a saying), sodat almal tenmiste van ietsie hou, oud of jonk, skoon of skurf. Anyhow, dis ‘n lekker review overall, en net dat iemand my werk lees en daaroor skryf is klaar ‘n prestasie op sy eie. :)

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