Pages: 24

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

The prequel to 12-Gauge’s I.C.E is here, this issue shows us just how Cole Matai ended up becoming an agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka I.C.E. Field training becomes a practical examination in no time as they encounter the seedy world of human trafficking.

So from the title you can see what this series is about. It is a realistic take on the border and customs control present in the USA. Cole is thrust into a situation that is make or break for him and Delgado. His first day on the job and his case goes to the extreme. Whilst they are dealing with aggressive gun fire in a booby trapped house, the true plot is unfolding. We do not know much about the antagonist as yet; all we know is that he is calm and collected when making decisions no matter the dangers of they present.

ICE Critical Mass #1-01

The art is strong but not over stylised, the lines are dark and backgrounds have been chosen wisely all leading towards presenting a great looking issue. Although all the yellow in the meeting scene is a bit much on the eyes; once you get past those pages you will find the other pages far more rewarding. The action scenes are great and easy to follow as the images are just so pleasing on the eye. The action scenes are quite violent, featuring many kill shots; however it is realistic keeping the story gritty despite its cartoony look at times.

This is a great prequel issue that sets up what looks like an action packed clash between the good guys and bad guys, although they are unaware of each other at this point in time. Featuring some good writing accompanied by good art. This is the perfect introductory issue for newcomers to the series and will keep existing fans satisfied.

ICE Critical Mass #1-02

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