Storyline: C

Artwork: C-

A spin off of the new Heroes Reborn TV show, Heroes Vengeance #1 delves into the secrets of the different characters.


As young boys, Oscar and Carlo go to see wrestling matches regularly. Carlos becomes a huge fan of El’Vengador, a professional wrestler. He is mesmerized when watching the wrestlers in the squared circle, to him El’Vengador is unstoppable. He sees him as a hero.

Oscar grows up to become an everyday mechanic, but he lives a double life. He is also the vigilante El’Vegandor. He tries to find the real meaning of being a hero – you don’t have to be the strongest, toughest or bravest man to be a hero, what makes you a hero is what’s on the inside. A hero is someone that is willing to do anything and whatever it takes to protect his family and what’s most important to him.

The artwork is not very gripping. As the scenes change, the panels go from bold and strong to being too light and not very eye catching. The storyline is also not very attention-grabbing. Once the story ends, there was very little interest in reading the follow-up. Unfortunately, Heroes Vengeance #1 comes across as merely average.


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