Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction Review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

They say that if you haven’t read any ‘Hellboy’ titles your knowledge and appreciation of comics is incomplete. Many may have seen the films but might not have read the graphic novels. If you’re curious about this character but have not read any material, then rest easy. The hype and adulation around the series is well founded. We review Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction

Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction comic book review

The first Hellboy mini-series is contained within ‘Seeds of Destruction’. In it we witness Hellboy’s first appearance on Earth and follow him as he does battle against the crazed Russian monk, Rasputin. As the world’s greatest paranormal investigator, Hellboy has to stop Rasputin from summoning the dreaded Ogdru Jahad. If unleashed these trans-dimensional monsters will wreak havoc on earth. Hellboy, Liz and Abe are all that stands between Rasputin and his evil plans.

Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction is a tour de force that connects ancient mythology with modern comic book fantasy. It reads and looks like an eighteenth century gothic novel at times. The book may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The art is dark and minimal at times but conveys the overall tone of the story perfectly. The story is high-minded and the focus on mythology may bore some readers. These considerations aside, ‘Seeds of Destruction’ is a great read that should appeal to serious readers as well as many casual readers. The appeal to casual readers is found in Hellboy. For all his secret and mysterious origins he is an average guy that appeals to everyone and his fearlessness and courage in the midst of the greatest danger inspires and connects with readers across the board.

hellboy seeds of destruction comic book vol.1

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