Pages: 232 pages
ISBN: 1465411593

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

I like Dorling Kindersley. They make books with the perfect arrangement of valuable information tied together with pictures, diagrams and statistics to somehow make whatever subject matter they’re on about infinitely more attractive for some reason. You know this hipster internet infograms that show some correlation between Grumpy Cat posts and the war in Syria? DK has perfected the art of transmitted popular information like that decades before you guys showed up.

So here we have a book about Halo 4, as opposed to the entire Halo series. This means it is somewhat slimmer and smaller built, but this actually does help it, as the book is an easier to read and hold size within itself. The contents of the book assume that you have finished Halo 4, and therefore spoil all the major plot elements from it. Aside from major articles on the main characters of course, this volume goes into a staggering level of depth on things Halo fans might want to know, like a page for every weapon, every armor type in the universe, and every multiplayer mode.

It doesn’t need much more analysis beyond what it claims to contain, because every aspect of Halo 4 has been condensed into fun to read pages. If Halo is a favorite game of yours, you could do worse than to pick this up at some stage. I’m sure there’ll be a more complete Halo Universe book at some stage, but that would probably be so large and unwieldy by that stage as a Guttenberg Bible.

Not all books tacitly claim to have an aim or a goal, but this one does; which is to educate you about Halo 4. This it does so completely and perfectly, which is why it deserves the rating it gets.

All images owned by Dorling Kindersley

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