Storyline: B

Artwork: B-

The Guardians is a tale that follows two superheroes who were created by The Maker in order to protect the people of Delta City, a city that is filled with intellect, creation and crime.

Element and Chaos, aka as The Guardians, are not human. They do not need to eat, sleep or rehydrate. They serve to protect and, in order to do their job without getting emotionally invested, our heroes have decided not to mingle amongst mankind. Instead, they live in the tallest building in Delta City, “The Perch” and they stand guard through day and night.

With a name like Element you can imagine what he is empowered with, whilst Chaos has a more interesting set of powers that allows him to create objects out of energy. His attacks seem to be powered by the mystical forces. Much like their differences in powers the heroes differ in character as well. Element is tired of just watching people, he wants to be with them, whilst Chaos is the type of pessimist that lives by the rules without exception and claims it to be for their own benefit. It would seem that crime in Delta City stands no chance with these two flying about town and guarding the civilians, but life as they know it is about to change when they meet Tempest.

The writing in this story is great. Todd Black shows the differences in the protagonists exceptionally well. The dialogue is easy to follow and to relate to. Whilst these beings are so powerful, they have such human concerns such as fitting in and forming friendships. Hinting at these characters possibly yearning for more in their lives.

The art is ok, but far from exceptional. Whilst you are able to recognise facial expressions quite easily, a lot of detail is lost in the colouring. Sure there are tones and shades but they do not really add to facial detail that much. Some faces and head positions also seem out of proportion and unnatural at times. Also the colouring of their outfits is somewhat off putting. Chaos who is a seemingly dark character is wearing a bright blue costume. Almost to say his pale face, long hair and magic powers are what makes him dark. Whereas Element is wearing a mixture of red and blue; it hints at hot and cold but at times the contrasting colours of costume can be off putting due to their juxtaposition. However, when it comes to detail in terms of costume Element’s definitely has the better detail in this issue. Both their powers are on display in this issue; looking impressive and featuring great colouring and texture.

Are The Guardians angels? No, but it would seem that they are related and have been sent to Delta City for more than the sole purpose of protecting it and both the characters and the reader need to find this purpose. The Guardians makes an entertaining read and is definitely worth giving a chance. The amount of possibilities is endless, especially since the villain in this issue lets them know that crime has also evolved in Delta City.

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