Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Once again Zenescope takes and old favourite and re-boobs… sorry I mean re-boots it. The minute I saw the cover I decided this is the issue I want to read!

In this comic universe, Wonderland is not exactly wonderful. It is an alternate reality, a world that feeds off sanity. Wonderland is a realm that creates mental instabilities in order to sustain and nourish itself. The current ruler of Wonderland is the Jabberwocky. The Liddle bloodline was used by the Jabberwocky in order to gain power beyond comparison. But one of Alice Liddle’s descendants, Callie Liddle, became the first to fight back and rebel against the madness that is Wonderland. Callie managed to free her child from the Jabberwocky’s grasp and had attempted to start afresh with a new life.

The story opens with us meeting Dr. Ying, a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist that tends to use his talents in order to induce girls into a dream-like state. Once his victims have taken to his influence, he proceeds to molest them. So yes, this book is not one for the kids. It makes no qualms about stating the Dr’s intentions. Dr. Ying is just about to discharge a patient when Callie and Violet pay him an unexpected visit. He is unaware that they know exactly what he is all about. He worked for Charles Dodgson one of the founding fathers of Wonderland and that he is a rapist that they have caught on a hidden camera.

Why did they capture him? At first it seems as though it is out of revenge, like he had done something perverted to them. But after some seriously violent interrogation, we see that there is more to it. There is a method to Calie’s madness. She forces Dr. Ying to teach her just how to enter and empower herself with Wonderland. The result is almost “The Matrix” like. When entering Wonderland, via a dream-like state, you can equip yourself with anything from your imagination if you concentrate hard enough. Mastering this technique would mean that Calie and Violet could finally fight back against the evil of Wonderland.

While Calie is making Dr. Ying pay for his actions, the new Mad Hatter has left Wonderland on a mission to hunt and kill the Suicide King. The Suicide King took it upon himself to leave Wonderland and is now living on Earth as a child (William) with no memory of his past. After a busy day at school William comes home to find his foster parents slain in a rather violent way. It is not long before those responsible make both their presence and intentions known.

The art in this one is still done in Zenescope Fashion. Each and every female in this book is very curvaceous and seems to prefer wearing tight clothing. But this does not steal away from the amount of great detail and colouring that has been used in this issue. Expressions are well presented; you can really feel the torment of Dr. Ying’s interrogation, which is great as he deserves it! Traditional characters are also presented in new ways, like the Cheshire “Sabertooth Tiger” Cat. The level of violence is also graphically detailed and adds that element of gore into the story without it ever becoming too overbearing or ever feeling forced upon the reader.

This is a well written and enjoyable issue. The story of Wonderland really seems to be an interesting journey filled with psychological struggles as well as living threats! I would recommend that the reader try to get hold of the previous issues. If this one issue was so intriguing, imagine reading the full story!

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