Main Characters:

Storyline: D+

Artwork: B

So the annual treat is out just in time for all things Halloween as we see out protagonists Sela, Red and Robyn take on various creatures from the realms of all things horror and terror. Will they be able to survive an assault of mythological monsters?

What we have here is a decent read. You follow this group of young ladies as they are mysteriously teleported into a house of horrors. To make things worse the devious mind behind this loves his ladies to wear scantily clad outfits. And in the opening of this issue we saw that these girls made normal everyday clothing look scantily clad. Yes, not only is this comic focused on action, it is also focused on some fan service. These girls are packing heavy and I am not talking about weaponry… well, they could be termed as weapons of mass distraction. Each girl is separated into a fight with a different monster, with Sela facing the toughest of them all as she has managed to defeat monsters single handily on her own in the past.

The story has some comedy, lots of gore and features a great team effort as it concludes. It is great to see female leads get involved in such an action packed title. But the fan service does kind of steal away from these ladies becoming strong independent female characters. Instead, they feel like eye candy striking epic poses for the readers pleasures. The story, however, does offer a great twist at the end, that is the set up for the next adventure and actually has an impact on the greater story. Usually holiday special issues offer pointless one-shot fillers but this story drastically effects the on-going title as the truth of the monsters come to light.

The team of artists really provide the reader with some good art, but it was far from great as you can feel the switch of artists within the comic. The colouring is great as it maintains that dark feel that emphasizes that despite all the cleavage and curves, this is still a horror story. But I just cannot help but feel that majority of the focus is placed on the female body and not the monsters, so you do not really feel terrified. But you might have other feelings…

This story is great as a Halloween special if you are looking to buy something in celebration of the holiday, but you might want to hide the issue from your girlfriend or mom. For most part the story matches the cup size of the protagonists on the rating chart and the art scores a B for… bold.

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