Pages: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-1781166536

Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

The second officially released book spin-off from the popular Grimm series looks to be much more interesting and relevant than the first, somewhat disappointing novel. Fans of the Grimm series on television would know that whenever Detective Nick Burkhardt needed assistance and wisdom, he would consult the battered old tome of Aunt Marie, filled with centuries of wisdom for combating Wesen and assorted dark forces. And now you can buy that very same book.

The Book of Lore seems to be a true labour of love in terms of the shear effort needed to construct it. Simulating a handwritten, messy, ad hoc style that would be logical for what it is in universe, information about nearly aspect of the Grimm universe is contained within it, with diagrams, notes, drawings, figures and notes all seemingly stuck in as needed. It gives the piece a very organic feeling, and makes it feel much more special to own. With a large page size and a glossy, pleasing finish, the book feels very easy to open up and enjoy a page or two at a time.

As an encyclopedia, it should be judged on that merit rather than as a novel would, and for the amount of information contained, it definitely succeeds. The main criticism against it is a result of its unique format: people who aren’t familiar with the series may find it hard going to navigate some of the structure of the book; but for fans, it’s a true treasure trove of fan service, collected in one neat little package. If you enjoy the world of Grimm and want to know more, definitely pick this up

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