Storyline: C

Artwork: B

Last month we reviewed Goof #1, a comedy title that featured Captain Gorgeous. A valiant fight plagued by problems, most of which come as a result of him being… himself. With his superhero job up for review, it is time for our love struck hero to take responsibility or at least act responsibly.

The issue opens up with him stalking the object of his affections, Middletown’s chief psychiatrist, Melody Malone. As he uses his powers for some rather questionable reasons, in orbit an alien race is busy planning on reducing the Jun influence on Earth and this can only be done if the villains managed to get rid of Captain Gorgeous once and for all. And how do they plan on getting the attention of the clumsiest man on Earth? By kidnapping his “girlfriend” of course!

Unlike the previous issue, the humour feels somewhat forced in this one; it borderlines being juvenile this time round. The villains are named Poopdee-Pants and Crapdee-Pants – I crap dee not and this is precisely what was unenjoyable.

Unlike the first issue that let situations play out in order to pull off punchlines, this felt like a sad cry for a chuckle that ended up falling short of being creative. The entire issue is filled with literal toilet humour and by this I mean that the jokes are focused on the likes of toilet supplies and poop. The only saving grace is the humour of Captain Gorgeous being blind to the fact that the object of his desires has been abducted. It just shows the reader how far off he is from being Superman or even responsible.

The art has changed this time around. Captain Gorgeous is even skinnier, as his outfit looks baggier on his bag of bones physique. The backgrounds seem a lot softer in this issue; everything seems to have a slight haze, maybe eluding to the fact that Melody is the girl of our hero’s dreams. There is a great amount of detail placed into the illustrations. The facial expressions are enjoyable and give off that cartoon feel once again.

Goof #2 is not as strong a follow up, it hardly contains any real laughable jokes this time round. It is a more story driven issue with the major problem being that the humour is blatantly forced. While the art is decent and aims to lighten the mood, the story is quite limited and predictable. C

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