Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Goof tells the tale of a nerdy guy named Nick who has been given a skill set that is superior to Superman… the only problem is that he is not exactly skillful.

Nick is a good guy, your average geek that has been given superpowers by aliens known as the Jun – that is about as much as the reader is told about them. The other catch is that after a year of being “Captain Gorgeous”, a name given by the Jun, Nick has to undergo a performance review. This means he could lose his powers if he does not make the cut.

As you can well imagine from the title of this series, making the cut is not exactly easy for Nick, ask his poor publicist. Nick is a decent guy, someone the underdog can relate to. He is not a morally astounding hero like superman. He is human, an ordinary guy given extraordinary powers. He was clumsy to begin with, now his clumsiness has just been amplified. There is another condition to his powers; they do not activate in close proximity to his family members, just in case he kills them by accident. Instead of being proud of Nick, his own family uses this condition in order to bully him to the point where the reader wishes his powers would activate so he can atomic wedgie his family members. You end up feeling bad for him. He is super on the outside but still soft-hearted on the inside. At the end of the day the focus is on being a gag comic, so these dynamics do work for the story’s sake… unfortunately not for Nicks’.

The art is bright and colourful. There is nothing serious in this book so there is no need for dark colour. Infact, the only time dark colours come into play is when it becomes night time and Nick attempts something “Hollow Man” and fails miserably. The lettering can be difficult to read at times, but the fact that his narration’s are lettered to look as though it comes from pages in his personal diary is clever. The drawings are very cartoony, so characters are filled with caricatures. From Captain Gorgeous’ long face to his publicists huge nose, there are scenes that involve those big “anime” glazed eyes. Nothing is to be taking seriously in this book and the final act will show you just why.

Goof #1 is not a bad read, you can relate to Nick. Readers will be laughing and, depending on your sense of humour, the final scene could be a make or break the comic for you. Goof has endless possibilities and as long as good jokes are placed into the issues I am sure people will enjoy this digital only read. The average Joe can relate to this protagonist well and this makes for a good strong-point for this title. Let’s hope the issues to follow can capitalise on this.

Goof #1 is available for purchase at or via the iTunes App Store.

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