Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Andre just lost his brother, a man considered to be a saint in their community, a man that was killed in the line of duty. He happened to be the first officer on scene to a violent gang shoot out in which Andre was involved.

Andre had fallen on the wrong side of the law, but for a good reason. He had every intention of looking after his mother, providing for her as she had once provided for him. In order to make ends meet Andre decides to join a local gang known as the Royals. The Royals planned on making a deal with Terrell Taylor, a no good drug dealer who has more than firearms on his side. Andre’s brother attempts to intervene, leading to a violent shootout between the police, the Royals and Terrell’s men. This act of gang violence is one in which Andre loses his brother and gains an overwhelming amount of guilt.

This issue opens at the funeral, Andre is filled with guilt and remorse for his actions but he has no idea how he will leave the Royals. He does not know how he will start a new life and put this sorry excuse for a life behind him. How will Andre be the man that his brother Calvin was? After being attacked at the funeral Andre is left fearing the worst but this is all about to change as he is about to meet with his father for the first time, and his father happens to be Zeus.

Yes, this Hercules is African American and he is living in the modern age. It turns out that whilst Calvin was still a baby his mother had an affair with Zeus. This led to the conception of Andre. The brothers did not share a father and Andre was more blessed than he could ever imagine; as his father bestows upon him the power to be a modern Hercules.

The art in this issue is great as the colouring really matches the subject matter at hand. The character designs are not highly detailed but they do not really need to be. The images are easy to follow, expressions are easy to read and the scenes that are meant to be filled with emotion feel authentic and believable.

This issue is perfect if you are just starting to follow this series. It is also great to see a modern re-telling of this classic story as it is definitely a new take on this character, providing the much needed refresh.

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