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The Gloom is an on-going comic released by MTV comics and written by Tony Lee, who has written for almost all the comic book publishers and is a #1 New York Times bestselling writer. The Gloom is a 1940’s vigilante hero that spends his days foiling the plots of the Nazis and Vermillion. Upon opening The Gloom you feel that he is a Batman wannabe, but trust me it is worth a read. This parody comic is thoroughly enjoyable.

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The protagonist is Carson Kane, who is somewhat of a billionaire, adventurist and playboy (yes, there are similarities to a certain Wayne). But Carson is really a great character filled with wit and one-liners. His alter ego is The Gloom, a servant of the Angel of Vengeance. A series of events involving carnivorous chimps in Africa lead to Carson becoming a superhero with supernatural weapons. The Gloom’s current adventure occurs 6 months later when Nazi’s visit New York.

What follows is a fun filled adventure featuring tactically placed clichés, wordplay and great humour. Nobody is safe from The Gloom’s one-liners. While his guns only fire upon those who need to be judged, Carson Kane fires verbal rounds like there is no tomorrow. Even the villain Vermillion is rather entertaining. The dialogue is well done and really holds the reader’s attention throughout. You cannot help but find yourself waiting for the next joke. But don’t think this is all about humour. The action scenes are also impressive. And although the story is very simple, it is definitely entertaining.

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Remember that this is a parody so do not expect masterpieces when it comes to artwork. Character proportions are played with and the bold nature of the heroes are made apparent by their extremely large chiselled jawlines. This story employs a vast array of dark colouring in order to give it that 1940’s noir feel and it actually pulls this off perfectly and creates a great contrast by giving the comic a dark feeling, when it is in actual fact a parody comic.

The Gloom is an enjoyable read that has received the stamps of approval from the demon king Crowley himself. It is done under his government name Mark Sheppard. This parody book is thoroughly enjoyable and could easily gain its own MTV animated show. Carson Kane is definitely a memorable character, the type that could create a great following. MTV make it happen. In the meantime, readers should get a copy and prepare to be entertained.

Read the full comic here: http://www.mtv.com/geek/comic/issue/1015/the-gloom-1.jhtml

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