Storyline: A

Artwork: A

If you read the title and think it is about a person that has become a ghost in the literal or figurative sense you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Ghosted is nothing of the sort. It is an adventure that starts off with a bang, literally more than figuratively, and it happens at the expense of some poor inmate.

Our protagonist Jackson T. Winter is serving a sentence for an Ocean 11 like casino heist gone wrong. We can see right from the get go that prison life is not an easy one but he could not care less as death seems very appealing to him. It is even his biggest comfort. All this changes when he is broken out of prison by a mysterious woman who works for a rather eccentric benefactor. Jackson is quite the character, he is crude, sexually charged, chauvinistic and most importantly highly entertaining. But he also possesses a certain skill set, one that he will need in order to pull off a new type of crime – a heist that is a first for him. In order to please this benefactor and stay out of jail Jackson has decided to grant his benefactors wish and accepts the mission – stealing a ghost from the Trask Mansion before it gets demolished in two weeks.

This results in Jackson needing a new team, one with a bit of expertise in the supernatural and the afterlife. This book feels like a “What if Ocean’s 11 worked with the Ghostbusters” comic. Bear in mind that this is a #1 issue so majority of the story serves as an introduction for the horror that lies ahead. We are given very brief introductions to Jackson’s new team mates and they are unaware of their new boss’ despicable nature, you do not have to be clairvoyant to predict that a great humorous yet violent adventure is about to happen. The art used in this issue is brilliant as well. It really compliments the writing well. The art is violent, expressive and un-nerving when it needs to be, yet humorous and authentic. The panels are kept nice and dark for that haunting noir feel but no detail is lost or skipped when these dark panels are used.

Ghosted #1 is definitely a read that I can recommend. It is, however, by no means intended for children as it contains strong language, sex and a rape scene. There is enough packed into the story to even make an adult cringe. Ghosted has received critical acclaim thus far and looks like a solid release by Image comics. Now it is time for the long wait for issue #2!

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