Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Amigo Comics present Ghost Wolf, a story that follows a vengeful spirit that protects humanity from The Hungry Ones, creatures that can only be satisfied with the taste of flesh. In a time where The Hungry Ones are considered a myth, a new Ghost Wolf must be chosen in order to protect humanity from this ancient threat.

This issue introduces Mara, a warrior and healer of the Northern Wastes. Mara was also one of the closest to Jarl Hakkel, the ruler of the Northern Wastes. After Hakkel’s death a new leader must be chosen. However, it would seem that there was some foul play involved, as Mara proclaims that their leader was poisoned. Unknown to the others, Bhutek had been conspiring with a witch in order to take the throne and this leads to betrayal and the resurrection of The Hungry Ones. Mara the warrior has refused to align herself with Bhutek but the arrival of Man’s greatest enemy leads to the rebirth of the greatest hero. This time Mara, a widow, a mother of two, is chosen as the Ghost Wolf as she protects the Northern Wastes and the villagers that live in it.

This is a dark story and the art is equally as dark. The art in this issue is quite good as the dark colours work well in telling this chilling story. The action scenes leave many pages splashed with red as people are slashed and eaten. The action scenes are easy to follow and well-drawn. Most of the action scenes are violent and graphic as The Hungry Ones devour all things living with no remorse whatsoever. The character of Mara looks like a warrior, as though she was an Amazon warrior. She makes for a good lead character. Not only does she look strong physically but he is mentally strong as well. Faces are well drawn and emotions are easy to recognise and this is important as Mara is driven by emotion.

This is a good concept backed up by some good writing, but the book is far from being great. If you look at the art, even for a dark read it still feels flat. The colours look hazy and dull at times leaving the reader wishing that they used more solid colours in the background at times. It is still a great read that will leave you wanting the next issue in order to find out what Mara can do now that she has adopted the mantle of the Ghost Wolf.

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