Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Destiny is a 17-year-old from South Central L.A., an area that was once rife with violence as a result of increased gang activity and gang related crimes. But now gang violence is over and some would say it is destiny. Our protagonist has managed to stop all in fighting between rival gangs and united all citizens of South Central as they fight for a common cause, to fight the power.

Genuis #2 Comic Book Review

Destiny has a genius level IQ and is able to use her knowledge in order to create advanced strategies with well-calculated end games. Although not many are able to see the end result, Detective Reginald Grey feels that there is something more at stake and he will not rest until he finds out who is the brain behind the operation. Issue 2 continues with a city on the hunt for Suspect Zero, aka Destiny, as an entire task force attempts to flush her out of South Central. This issue becomes an action packed thriller in which both of the main characters get to show off their knowledge of the battlefield.

Genuis #2 Comic Book Review

The art is great, mostly dark showing the nature of the story that is at play. The layout works well and adds some pace to the issue especially when the action takes place. Characters look good and you can recognise their facial expressions, however facial details could have looked a little better had they gone with darker lines. This could have also helped bring out a little more detail in the smaller things, but this is a minor issue.

Overall, the concept and story is great. To think that a child genius can use her IQ in order to become one of the most notorious rebels makes for an interesting read. But has her brilliance led her towards losing her humanity? Have her supporters become expendable, sacrifices to the cause of her cold calculations? Is this their destiny or hers?

Genuis #2 Comic Book Review

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