Pages: 32

Storyline: B

Artwork: C-

Once again Cobra Files proves that a great G.I. Joe read does not have to filled with action. Cobra Files #7 is a dramatic comic book that aims to tease through some great writing.

G.I. JOE: The Cobra Files #7 places a strong focus on the relationships between the team members, with Flint wanting to disband the Cobra Files team, Chameleon a former Cobra is forced into disagreement with her lover. This decision does not sit well with Chameleon’s number one fan boy Clockspring either. As from our previous review, we are no stranger to the fact that Clockspring has strong feelings for Chameleon. But what nobody knows is the extent to which Tomax has corrupted Clockspring. Although Tomax’s hidden agendas have come to the light and he has been captured, he still has one trick to present to the Joes.

It is almost time for this nine issue run to come to an end. This could be rather concerning as all the previous issues have served the purpose of building up for the finale. Will there be enough time to give this series a memorable ending that it deserves? Well, this issue starts to move things into place without utilising action scenes. This issue is filled with personal conflict and a manipulative Tomax lurking in the background. Emotions are rife and this leads to the team truly feeling divided and confused. This is not the ideal team spirit required for what, or should I rather say who, Tomax has heading their way. With such great written dialogue you can truly feel the emotions behind each character as nothing feels forced.

One thing that has degraded since #5 is the art. I had to go back to #5 to check that it was the same artist. I was shocked to find that it was! In an issue with so many close ups I was left wanting more detail and the dark lines did not help one bit either. In one scene Clockspring has one off the oddest oblong head shapes I have ever seen. His bald head looks like a Minecraft version of an egg! The colours still stick to the tone of this comic. The darker colouring lets the reader feel the emotional despair of the team, but the read could have been so much better with more detailed expressions and less rushed art.

Cobra Files #7 is a great read that shows the reader that the action is definitely going to follow in the next two issues. While it sticks to the dark and emotional side of this series we get a glimmer of what is about to come and believe me G.I. Joe Cobra Files #8 is about to bring the fire!

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