Future’s End Wonder Woman review

Storyline: C-

Artwork: B-

Wonder Woman finds herself leading war heroes of the past in order to stop the threat of Nemesis. With an army of demons surrounding her band of War veterans, will Wonder Woman have to accept her title as the God of War and assume the powers of Ares? Or can she find the power within herself to defeat this global threat?

Future’s End Wonder Woman comic review

So Wonder Woman is in command of the “Old Soldiers” the souls of fallen war heroes such as Napoleon, Boudicca and Alexander The Great. How is this possible you ask, Nemesis has forced Wonder Woman to make unlikely allegiances with the likes of Hades. Nemesis desire to be the ultimate Goddess and it is because of that that Diana must die. Nemesis can be second to none and she cannot be reasoned with. Also at Wonder Woman’s side is the son of Darkseid… Orion. This issue shows just how great a threat Nemesis has become as she is able to corrupt the intentions of any soul forcing Diana and her allies to re-think their strategies. But when their fortress is infiltrated it becomes apparent that there is a traitor sitting at her table.

This is a very average read to be honest, it does not hold up to the standards that this title has been known for. What it has to offer is a purely motivated villain that’s sole purpose for destruction is to prove that she is better than Wonder Woman. Surely they could have thought about a more interesting origin? Then the other issue with the script is the difference in dialogue; due to the war veterans being from different time periods. So the script has some obstacles to get through as this certainly slows the pace of things.

comic Future’s End Wonder Woman comic review

The art is passable but once again it is not up to par with issues from the ongoing series. Not once was there a moment where the art stunned me as the reader or made me want to spend more time on the page just to seep the moment in. Maybe it is because Wonder Woman is wearing baggy trousers as part of her new uniform for most of the issue, honestly I just do not know. The art looks a bit too digitally rendered as well and this leads to some images where the characters look out of proportion and the thick penciling makes them lose facial detail making expression a bit harder to identify. Also for a story that is meant to be gritty and war torn, it makes use of quite a bit of bright colours, so you cannot fully appreciate the scale of the war presented in this issue.

This is a rather mediocre issue that feels as though it were rushed together in order to get something out in time for the September 3D cover release special. If you manage to get the 3D cover edition that is about as special as this issue will get sadly.

Future’s End Wonder Woman

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