Pages: 32

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

The New 52 Swamp Thing has proved time and again that it is a crucial title in the current DC Universe. Being known for great art with superior writing and unique page layouts, one could not help but wonder what the future has in store for this iconic character. Futures End #0 showed us what the world has become; hi tech and robotic, a world without The Green.


I like this 3D cover as once again these issues change completely. It goes from a great portrait of the protagonist, showing his current great look. He looks all green and natural with trees trunks, branches and other foliage being shown in a red-lit background. The Swamp Thing is highly detailed, blending in well with the rest of the cover. Turn the page slightly and Swamp Thing becomes a cybernetic thing. He is replaced by a high tech version of himself that seems to look…just as awesome. He is replaced by a highly detailed, brutal looking entity; the Avatar of a new kingdom. The background also changes completely, with the greenery turning into a wealth of cybernetics and metal plates.

The issue continues to prove the fact that when it comes to this ongoing title; DC cannot do any wrong. Soule pours his heart and talents into a marvelous issue, as he ends his writing career off with a Swamp Thing issue that you will never forget. This book sticks to what I does best as it shows just what might become of our protagonist’s future albeit not have a link to the greater events of Futures End. This issue shows Alec travelling through the different kingdoms of life that are present in the pages of this comic. The issue sticks to its horror feel as Swamp Thing travels to two seemingly new kingdoms; The Machines and The Division. The reader is introduced to just what makes these kingdoms thrive; but as always all the Kingdoms are at play when it comes to this title. Soule changes his style slightly by having an omniscient narrator tell us the story, this lets the reader experience the exact things that Alec is experiencing at the time that he is experiencing it. This gives the reader a great opportunity to get into the characters mind and get to know Swamp Thing as a person even though he no longer looks like one. This is clever writing at its best as Soule puts in some solid effort and reaps rewards with his final issue.


As one would come to expect of Swamp Thing; the art simply does not disappoint. It is highly detailed but expressions are never lost in the detail. The details work well with the story complementing each kingdom as it is visited. Once again the work on the frames and panels on the page is simply unrivaled. You have highly detailed foliage for the green, muscle and sinew for the red, Bacteria for the rot, solid metal palettes and plates for The Machines and harsh black lines for The Division. Each page looks stunning, not overbearing as it take you on a visual journey.

Fantastic visuals with a brilliant script, I cannot fault this issue. Soule proves that he understands the lead character as he makes sure that his short time on this title shall never be forgotten. Although this issue does not have an exact tie to the Futures End events, the introduction of these two new Kingdoms shows just how technology has taken over and has influence over life. Futures End Swamp Thing #1 shows the reader just how important it is for a creative team to understand the character as DC pulls off a remarkable Futures End issue that is definitely a flower among the thorns.


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