Future’s End New Suicide Squad

Storyline: D

Artwork: B-

Once again Deadshot finds himself locked up in Belle Reeve prison. Missing a limb and a sense of purpose, Lawton sits in the new underground version of Belle Reeve day in and day out, feeling obsolete. But this all changes when a commotion breaks out and Deadshot comes face to face with Amanda Waller.

Future’s End New Suicide Squad Review

Amanda Waller had gone off to fight against the government and their experiments on the prisoners of Belle Reeve. But something has come up, a Top Secret plan so devious that Amanda had to recruit the assistance of Deadshot and the New Suicide Squad. Up to this point the issue has your gripped as you are wondering how Deadshot lost an arm and the surrounding cells are all empty; leaving the reader wondering who is left in Belle Reeve, who will be recruited into the New Suicide Squad. And it is from here on out that the rush job kicks in. Instead of an epic, detailed recalling of how Deadshot lost his limb the reader gets a quick rather anticlimactic answer. Then they end up recruiting too measly members that are so flawed it is pointless that they were even featured on the pages of this comic. Harley Quinn is a dumb brute thanks to experimentation with Venom and Black Manta has had his brain fried thanks to a botched data transferral. Waller baits him with fish sticks in order to do her bidding…that is kind of offensive… This New Suicide Squad has to go out and fight the man one last time; as the government attempts to create a new Taskforce X using DNA of some of the most devious villains in the DC Universe. The action is a saving grace in this issue as the team confronts some rather memorable villains.

Future’s End New Suicide Squad Review

The art was okay. I liked how Waller was represented she had a great look and her facial expressions were easy to recognise. Lawton just didn’t look enough like himself; he looked like any regular guy with his only unique feature being his old school porno mustache. And Harley…the cover gives you a hot looking Harley, the popular girl at DC right now, then you open the book and you find a Venom version that looks as though Bane has started to Crossplay some of his favourite DC Bombshells. Really this was a bad decision that led to art that will forever taint my perception of Harley Quinn. At least the wealth of dark colours and the red used in the backgrounds set up for an action packed issue with a bit of grit. But that is the only positive I can think of right now.

This feels like a rather pointless issue, one that has no relation at all to the Futures End arc. It would have been great to see how the features of these popular villains panned out. They could have even let Deadshot get infused with tech or something. Instead we go on a poorly panned adventure that has a few saving graces.

Future’s End New Suicide Squad Review

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