futures end green arrow

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Green Arrow is one of the stronger offerings when it comes to the DC Futures End #1 releases. This issue takes place before the events of the Futures End Arc. We see Oliver Queen return after a long hiatus since he came out as the Green Arrow in public. The current Green Arrow Emiko Queen and Dart (who wears a red costume in case you were wondering) are taken by surprise to see the return of their mentor, but what does his return bring with it?

futures end green arrow

This issue had to be a good one as it is the final issue to be handled by the creative team of Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo. From the opening you are greeted with great imagery and wording. This issue opens with a great action seen involving the new Green Arrow and Dart as they take on the followers of Count Vertigo, basically he has his own cult following that possess a very watered down version of his powers. Just as they wrap up with this mediocre mob they are confronted by Oliver as he returns from parts unknown. Ollie has returned to fight against CADMUS one last time and in order to free the refugees of Earth 2 and to do so he will require the assistance of the Emiko’s mother and her band of Outsiders. After refusing what his father deemed to be Ollie’s birthright; Oliver offers to take his position in The Outsiders should they become his ally and let the disagreements in the past be history. The writing in this issue is great and it has the wording and layout to match. The interactions between the characters are well written and well thought out; Lamire is making sure that he will be missed.

futures end green arrow

The art is great! It has a noir feel to it thanks to the pencilling technique and the illustrations not being overly detailed. The colours really help as well; this is a very dark issue, it gives that great gritty feeling and builds up the mysticism associated with The Outsiders. The only time brighter colours are used is when Oliver appears on live TV and this does a great job of making his interview look as though it were on live television; hence the brightness increases in colour and lighting. Also during the action scene; with the villain now synonymous with Arrow; the shades of orange and red lighten up in order for the reader to feel the heat of battle.

This issue is one of beauty. The art is flawless and accompanied by great writing – definitely one of the stronger offerings of this month. While it will leave you glad whilst reading it, it is sad to think that you will never get a Green Arrow issue like this ever again. This is the creative team’s official goodbye, at least they go out in their prime.

futures end green arrow

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