Storyline: A+

Artwork: B

Yes, the 3D covers have hit our local market and introduce many new storylines as well! Grayson #1 puts a new spin on things as we get to see Dick in a whole new light. Prepare for a great history lesson and some clever wordplay in an issue that states, “You may know Nightwing, but you do not know Dick.”


The 3D variant of this issue is great as it showcases Nightwing’s new and independent look as Grayson. He is now a trained superspy infiltrating enemy forces as he pulls off each mission, the 3D cover highlights this fact by showcasing an image of Grayson that is able to switch uniforms with ease. You have him striking a powerful pose in his new tactical gear, but tilt the book ever so slightly and you will see Dick switch sides right before your eyes as his costume turns into one of the new united Eurasia. So this great looking cover is effective both literally and figuratively.

The book opens five years into the future, showcasing what looks like the execution of Grayson. He is hung for being a traitor to Eurasia as he broke the code that Batman raised him by, he took a life and got his hands dirty. Upon uniting Eurasia, Grayson was called a war hero, but on the day he got his medal, Grayson took the life of his superior a man known as KG Beast. The issue then goes on to flash backwards in time and show the reader important aspects on the man that Grayson has become and the boy he once was. So expect to see it all his early solo missions, his past loves and the demise of the flying Graysons; but this issue will surprise you even if you are the biggest Nightwing fan. The writing is clever and the events that occur in the protagonist’s life are well timed; all this contributes to a well thought out story that will send you on a whirlwind of emotions. From getting the reader sentimental to getting your blood pumping as Dick is faced with imminent doom.

Dick Grayson

The art was the only slight downer in this issue. It just looked a bit too digitally rendered, making facial proportions seem a little and facial expressions difficult to identify. Even Grayson’s face seemed to look a bit different from page to page. With such a great story, surely the art could have been a bit greater. It gets better in the latter half of the book; once other members of the Bat Family are introduced. Backgrounds lack detail for the most part, with the only saving grace being the fact that the colours used in the issue contribute to the doom and gloom of Futures End.

This was an enjoyable read, one that is a must have for any Nightwing or Bat Family fan. It allows you to see this iconic character in a whole new light and a brand new role. This is a great new look for Dick Grayson as he takes on the role of being a superspy. Thanks to this one shot I will definitely be looking for more issues of this brand new title.

A big thanks has to go to the staff at Readers Den for supplying us with this great issue. These 3D variants are difficult to come by, highlighting the importance of taking a subscription service with Readers Den. Not only do they get the greatest comics but they offer them at the greatest prices. Whilst many other stores will be marking up the prices on the 3D variant issues; the staff at Readers Den has promised to sell these issues at cover price! So if you are lucky enough, grab a store copy if they have not gone already. If you did not make it in time for a copy secure your issues via the subscription service! For more information visit:

Futures End Grayson #1 3D Variant Review

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